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Over the past nine years our events have raised over $250,000 
That's over 1/4 of a million in support for those fighting cancer in the fire service and for non-porfit charitable organzations with goals to help community - another mission that we feel strongly about.

If it were not for the support of the public, the fire service community and local businesses, we would not have been able to make such a profound difference for so many of our own and in the lives of those from our community.

We feel blessed and fortunate to have been able to build this momentum. THANK YOU!

Here are the proud moments of our history ...

The 2017 Event held on Sunday Jan 29, 2107

Read the Wrap-Up Report

The 2016 Event held on Sunday Jan 31, 2016 was an

We would have been fired up with 300 players... NO ONE EXPECTED a SELL OUT 409 players - We raised amazing support for...

Some photos from event:
Posted by ALL In For Firefighters on Tuesday, 9 February 2016

We are still calculating the final numbers as this process is rather involved.

The list of those to thank is extensive .... 
so if you’re reading this THANK YOU !

For every flyer shared.

For every email forwarded.

For every sponsor dollar.

For every cornerstone partner of ALL IN FOR FIREFIGHTERS
and your devoted work.

For every player that came and especially for those that went
ALL IN numerous times.

For every player that waited and waited patiently to be part of
this great event.

For each attendee that came just be present, buy a shirt, a raffle
or just enjoy.

For the Rooney’s, The Palm Beach Kennel Club management & staff.

For the organizations, companies, leagues, fire departments that
support us every year.

For the organizations that we raise funds for and the energy and assistance provided.

All the above you are the collective "WE" ! 
and "WE" ONCE again CRUSHED our RECORDS!

"WE" achieved the following:

***  The highest attendance again this year 
 twice what we had last year.

NEW RECORD to shoot for next year: 409 PLAYERS.

**  The highest amount of poker proceeds again this year  **
twice what we had last year.

NEW RECORD to shoot for next year:
 to our charities & our players.
That's buy-ins, rebuys, etc. alone - this is not the final
(sponsorship dollars and other support being tabulated).

As stated above - our final numbers will be released in the near future; we want to be accurate. We are excited already about what WE achieved & WHAT this means for 2017!

The 2015 Event held on
Sat, Jan 31, 2015
was a

We finally BROKE the 200 mark for players in the tournament and had a new record of 203 players to shoot for next year. We raised $30,000 for our 3 charities and we were proud to present
3 checks for $10,000 to each of them.

More than that, we have come so very far in helping our fire service and community partners learn more about the alarming rates of cancer in our Florida (and beyond) Firefighters. We are making huge strides in 2015 in this fight and have seen an promising shift of attitudes & culture and a new determination to improve firefighter health safety across the fire service community.

To add to the sense of accomplishment, beginning in December 2014, The University of Miami reached out to help and is now shaping a multi-faceted ground-breaking study of Florida firefighter cancer with the pilot process right here in Palm Beach County. We feel very fortunate and honored to have played a role in this partnership and we are hopeful to reach our goal of reducing or eliminating firefighter cancers to reduce the struggles and challenges Captain Butch Smith, and so many others, have faced.

Some photos from event:
click "7th Annual Butch Smith Poker Classic"

The Game Changer

April 22, 2012, our 4th Annual Butch Smith Poker Classic broke records at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

Click for FULL SIZE image    Click for FULL SIZE image

As a direct result of the success of this event, on June 9, 2012, we presented three $12,000 checks to the following non profit organizations:

The Quantum House Quantum HouseFirefighter Cancer Support Network

Firefighter Cancer
Support Network
- Florida Chapter Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Benevolent Fund, Inc.

The Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Benevolent Fund, Inc. 

This event raised funds for Little Smiles, Kids Cancer Foundation/Capital Fund - Courtney's Wish, and Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Benevolent Fund.

The 2009 South Florida Fire Fest Event was dedicated to providing financial assistance for Heather Mahoney and Driver Operator James Howard as they fought their battle with cancer. Both Heather and Jmaes fought valiently, but sadly both passes away too young, may they Rest in Peace.

This event included a first ever All In Poker Run, (starting at Harley Davidson of West Palm and ending at the Palm Beach Kennel Club,) the Annual Butch Smith Poker Classic (at the Palm Beach Kennel Club) and The After Burner Party at Slainte Irish Pub.

We succeeded in raising $16,000 for our two recipients Heather and James and $8,000 for the Professional Firefighter and Paramedic's Benevolent Fund, Inc.

This text will be replaced

The "1st Annual ALL IN for Butch Smith" event was in 2008 and was created by firefighters from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue to raise funds for one of their own, Lt. Butch Smith, who had developed, a rare form of cancer called Multiple Myeloma: Stage 4 when discovered.   The original prognosis was grim and initially given 2 years...  He fought through that and has continued to amaze person and physician alike with his determination to beat the disease. 

That first year, Family, Friends, Businesses and Firefighters from many departments throughout Palm Beach County (and neighboring counties) joined in and successfully raised over $35,000 dollars for Butch. He has made remarkable strides and consistently battled since the 2008 event through cutting edge treatment. He pushes through a repetitive 21 days of chemo and 7 days off now for 9 years.  He continues to express his utmost gratitude for everything that's been accomplished, he has made it to nearly every event since being diagnosed.                              

About the Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Benevolent Fund, Inc.

See the 2008 Event Photo Gallery Founded about the same time of the First Annual Event, The Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Benevolent Fund, Inc. is an organization that was created to provide assistance for firefighters that find themselves in situations like Butch's. This organization was a critical component in the success of the event in 2008. Since year 2 - the Butch Smith Poker Classic has chosen to give back to the this fund in order to help other firefighters and benevolent members that may find themselves faced with a cancer diagnosis.  There is a FUND within the FUND - called (aptly) "The Butch Smith Cancer Fund". This fund is not for Butch, it exist  100% to give back to those in need. 

A Special Delivery and Moment of connection in the 1st Annual that bears mentioning... 

Bryan Erwin ( - a stand up comedian from Hollywood California, was contacted in 2008 by e mail to see if he would be willing provide some T shirts or Raffle items for our fund raising cause for Butch.   To our surprise, heCLICK to see FULL SIZE photo picked  up the phone and called - and said "I read what you said about your firefighter friend"   "WHATEVER you need for Butch, What can I do?".

To support the event, free of charge, he offered to create a 3rd Original Jake Puppet (from his Policeman versus Fireman comedic series) which we used as a raffle item that helped raise significant funds.  It raised A LOT of money !  AND was donated back.  Here he is Jake #3, safe and sound. 

This text will be replaced

He then did something unexpected - he developed an original puppet episode dedicated to BUTCH, which was premiered for the first time at our 2008 event. It goes down as one of our favorite additions to the entertainment and gave Butch a much-needed morale boost! We were all honored by this offer of original work.  Amazing stuff !                               

Policeman Vs Fireman Video dedicated to Butch! (Thanks Bryan)
WARNING - Video contains adult material & bleeped out adult language not suitable for children.

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