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All In For Firefighters is a group of active and retired firefighters, community and business leaders that have come together in the spirit of support for firefighters that are dealing with the challenge of career related cancer. We are resolute in our supportand will not stop until there are answers and solutions to many issues surrounding this threat to all firefighters.

We believe that the career of firefighting, with all of its known dangers, also has the hidden danger of high carcinogenic exposure. We feel that the high incidents of cancer in the fire service throughout the State of Florida, the country and globally, is absolutely related to the many exposures throughout a firefighter’s career.

We are committed to increasing awareness of this issue and raising financial support for the fire service in the following ways.

To The Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Benevolent Fund, inc., that bring financial relief to firefighters and families of firefighters that have found themselves faced with the challenge of cancer.

To the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, Florida Chapter who's mission is in synch with the mission ofour organization as it relate to education, awareness and furthering the larger mission that will create relief for firefighters in our State faced with the challenge of cancer.

To the Quantum House and The Rooney's Golf Foundation, who help families in their time of need, and we as the fire service representations believe we have an obligation in community involvement and feel it's important that we give back and help them likewise meet their goals.

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contact us.

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